My name is Victoria Turcios, a Minnesota based innovative creator. I was born in Guatemala and moved to Minnesota in 2002- imagine adapting to the Minnesota winters. Entering my twenties I realized that my experiences as an immigrant and woman of color, have highly influenced the work that I do. Giving me the chance to see everything with a different perspective.


I've got a thing

for contrast-

My work draws from the beauty and balance that different components of a project bring together to create an engaging visual output. 



Visually communicating a message continues to be at the core of the work I do. I’ve had the chance to wear many hats with the content and projects I’ve been involved with.



What started as a creative outlet, has now become part of my identity. Visual Vitaliti, the blog I curate has given me the chance to step into a broad world of content creation, helping brands to better convey their messages. I create content that stays relevant and raw in the noisy world of social media.

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